• JUST IN: Senate Unanimously Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package

    12 days ago - By Mediaite

    The Senate unanimously approved a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus aid package on Wednesday night, with 96 senators voting in favor and zero opposed.
    To underscore the widespread impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the country, several senators were not present for the vote because they were self-quarantining because of the virus.
    The massive bailout package marks the third and, by far, most expensive attempt to stabilize a U.S. economy shattered by the pandemic. The 880-page bill's specifics were hammered out on Tuesday in a marathon negotiating session between Senate Democratic leaders...
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  • Coronavirus stimulus package hit snag in Senate

    Coronavirus stimulus package hit snag in Senate

    12 days ago - By Who TV

    WASHINGTON - The coronavirus stimulus package hit an unexpected snag in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday afternoon.
    Republicans like Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado started the day by urging quick passage of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package and asking democrats not to drag their feet.
    “The Senate will approve this bill today and the House must approve it without delay, no excuses,” said Gardner.
    But it was a group of Republican senators who stalled the process midday over what Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska called an error in the actual text of the bill that would give workers a raise to...
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