• MLB Series Postponed Due To “Very Unhealthy” Smoky Air In Seattle

    15 days ago - By Deadline

    As wildfires continue to rage across the West Coast states, a two-game MLB series between the San Francisco Giants and Seattle Mariners set to start today at T-Mobile Park in Seattle has been postponed over “very unhealthy” air quality. Both games are expected to be made up later this week at the Giants' Oracle Park...
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  • Conservative Media and Trump Dismiss Climate Change as Cause of Fires

    15 days ago - By NY Times

    Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson dismiss scientists' determination that climate change is a key culprit in West Coast wildfires.
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  • Lawmakers discuss federal aid headed west for wildfires

    Lawmakers discuss federal aid headed west for wildfires

    15 days ago - By Wood TV

    WASHINGTON - The unprecedented wave of wildfires ravaging through the West Coast has scientists seeking answers and lawmakers pushing for more aid.
    Chief Scientist at the National Wildlife Federation Dr. Bruce Stein said the amount of acreage that usually burns in California each year is around 200,000 acres. In 2020, there has been more than three million acres of land in California alone that has been torched.
    “What we're seeing now is really apocalyptic in proportion,” Dr. Stein said.
    In Oregon, several “mega-fires” have been burning in regions that are normally wet and not prone to...
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  • Historic wildfires continue to devastate the West Coast

    15 days ago - By CNBC

    Wildfires are continuing to burn throughout the West Coast. Historic wildfires are burning millions of acres and destroying homes and entire towns in California, Oregon and Washington State. A California environmental official challenged President Donald Trump to believe and follow the science on climate change after Trump suggested that record-breaking temperatures in the state would go away on their own.
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